Regency tales

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                                        BETH  ELLIOTT                          


to my world of Regency tales.... 

If your taste runs to tales of adventure and intrigue, together with plenty of travel, a developing romance or two, and a chance to share in a few society events, where you will meet the occasional real person mingling in with the characters, then you will enjoy my Regency tales. 




" Beth Elliott's books are witty, engaging and totally entertaining "


NICOLA CORNICK, USA Today Bestselling Author 


"Full of enjoyable moments"  Rachel A Hyde 


"[Her stories have] many similar qualities to Georgette Heyer's books, a must for lovers of this genre." Red Roses for Authors


"...a talent for describing places...and a steely quality" 

Richard Blake, author of the Aelric series 


   Each Regency tale is a story of adventure and romance set against the background of the Napoleonic wars. There is plenty of intrigue but always a happy ending - for the main characters at least! It is the journey there that provides the enjoyment. As I like travelling around the Mediterranean, my characters tend to do the same. But they also go to London, Bath and Brighton, where adventures befall them for all they try to live a normal Regency era life....  


                                               And now...  Off on a new adventure....