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                                  THE RAKE AND HIS HONOUR



            Summer 1813. When so much is at stake there's no time for love,          even when you're a rake with irresistible charm. Arnaut de Montailhac and  Louise Fauriel face the challenge of outrunning two ruthless Napoleonic agents to complete a vital mission. 

Published by Endeavour Press 


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Constantinople, 1811.  Ice cool Lord Berannes is the chief diplomat negotiating a peace in the long-running war between the Turks and the Russians. Then he encounters fiery, rebellious artist, Olivia Hartford. And after that, nothing goes to plan - for either of them!

Published by Endeavour Press  

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              A new edition published by Endeavour Press  


 With a sick aunt and a lovelorn

      younger sister to care for, the last

      thing Rose Charteris needs is more

      problems. But in return for help,

     she is drawn into a secret plot together

with handsome Kerim Pasha, the most

powerful minister in Constantinople, and Tom Hawkesleigh,

    the man who broke her heart four years ago.

     Rose must choose between East and West.





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Giles Maltravers has his rakish lifestyle turned upside down the day he saves Anna Lawrence from a pair of drunken young bloods. 

 The irony is that Giles is now honour bound to protect this headstrong girl. 

Inspired by a fervent devotion to the works of Lord Byron, Anna is determined to live a life of adventure, but she plunges from one disaster into another. Giles has no time left to enjoy his former pleasures, especially when the Prince Regent decides that Anna is just in his style...


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 Giles has no time left to enjoy his former carefree existence, especially when the Prince Regent decides that Anna is just in his style....     

     Pub: Robert Hale          ISBN 9780-7090-92520


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Pub: Ulverscroft        ISBN 9781444811742  

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Caught in a compromising situation with Tom, Rose is whisked away in disgrace and hastily married off. Four years later, widowed but still heartsore that Tom abandoned her without a struggle, she is horrified to encounter him again - and in Constantinople of all places. Worse, she has to work with him on a secret document for the Sultan. Kerim Pasha, the powerful and handsome minister, is entranced by Rose's English beauty and immediately whisks her off into his home. Tom has never forgotten Rose but even now, the misunderstandings continue. In addition, Rose is determined to maintain her hard-won independence. But back in London, she soon finds that not only Tom, but Kerim Pasha also, has arrived and neither has given up hope of winning her.


      Pub: Robert Hale      ISBN 9780-7090-90427


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                    Pub: Ulverscroft       ISBN 978-1444805970


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Shortlisted for  

     Red Roses for Authors Christmas Award 2009 


 Sarah Davenport's brother has gambled away his entire fortune. Lord Percival implies he will accept Sarah in lieu of the debt. Major Greg Thatcham's family apparently also owes money to Lord Percival.When Greg seeks help from Sarah, attraction flares between them. But, in all honour, he is the one man she can never marry. Then Lord Percival kidnaps her and only Greg can save her...


            Pub:  Robert Hale     ISBN 9780-7090-87304

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        Kindle edition of      IN ALL HONOUR    Sep 2011             

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      THE  WILD  CARD      

 Shortlisted for  The Romance Prize  2009 



 Kitty Towers is a reluctant debutante, determined to avoid marriage. However, she is drawn to enigmatic Theo Weston, despite his rakish behaviour at their first encounter.

On the other hand, another suitor, Etienne de Saint-Aubin, is equally appealing. Kitty soon realises that one of them is a spy. How can she discover which one it is - and how is she to save vital papers from falling into enemy hands?

       Pub: Robert Hale    ISBN 9780-7090-85249


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       Kindle edition of THE  WILD  CARD   May 2012

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Pub: Ulverscroft       ISBN 978-1-4448-2649-4